Broadcast & Cable Programs



Land Rover G4 Challenge Nevada Passage - 2008 Writer/Producer/Editor

Ten teams of amateur athletes compete in a variety of activities throughout rural Nevada, this time in fully tricked out Land Rover LR3s. Highlights include a kayak relay race across Lake Mead, a trail run around gorgeous Cathedral Gorge State Park, and gnarly trials driving challenge in Hell’s Half Acre.

  • Produced for: TEAM Unlimited
  • Broadcast: National Broadcast Syndication - 8/2008 – 2/2009
  • Winner: 1 Bronze Telly Award - Outstanding Sports Program

Nevada Passage Adventure Competition - 2005/2006/2007 Writer/Producer/Editor

A one-of-a-kind sports/travel/reality program, where teams of 20 amateur athletes compete in a variety of adventure sports in a 6-day stage race that covers more than a 1000 miles across the state. Highlights include rock climbing at Red Rock, Shoe shoeing in the Ruby Mountains, Cattle Riding in Winnemucca, and Sand Boarding the giant dunes in Fallon.

  • Produced for: TEAM Unlimited
  • Broadcast: National Broadcast Syndication - 8/2005 – 2/2008
  • Winner: 2 Silver/4 Bronze Telly Awards - Sports & Travel Prog.

XTERRA Saipan Triathlon (Sports/Travel) - 2002/2003/2004 Writer/Producer/Editor

Travel deep into the Pacific Ocean to the remote tropical island of Saipan, where professional and amateur off-road triathletes challenge themselves in this lush and raw terrain. A turquoise blue ocean swim, a dense rain forest bike trek, and a run through a network of tunnels left behind by World War II soldiers. Also includes athlete and destination profiles.

  • Produced for: TEAM Unlimited
  • Broadcast: OLN - 6/2002 & Syndication - 6/2003 to 12/2004
  • Winner: 1 Bronze Telly Award - Outstanding Sports Program

Off-Road to Xterra (Sports/Travel) - 1999/2000 Writer/Producer/Editor

An international sports/travel documentary that follows the Xterra Off-Road Triathlon Tour across America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It features dramatic swim, bike and run race footage shot on film and video in extreme conditions, as well as insightful athlete and destination profiles.

  • Produced for: TEAM Unlimited
  • Broadcast: ESPN Networks - 10/1999 & 10/2000

XTERRA Off-Road Triathlon World Championship (Sports) 1999 Writer/Producer

More than 20 cameras capture 400 of the World’s top professional and age-group Xterra triathletes competing in a 1.5K ocean swim, 40K mountain bike climb, and 10K trail run event. Legendary professional triathletes Mark Allen and Mike Pigg co- host this grueling championship event shot on the spectacular Hawaiian island of Maui.

  • Produced for: TEAM Unlimited
  • Broadcast: ESPN Networks - 1/2000
  • Winner: 1 Bronze Telly Award - Outstanding Sports Program

The Gatorade Ironman Triathlon: Hawaii's Best (Sports) - 1994 Writer/Producer

Referred to as the “Super Bowl of Triathlons”, top multi-sport athletes converge to the Big Island of Hawaii to test their physical and mental resolve as they carry themselves more than 140 miles. Of the 1500 competitors that participate in this World Championship event, more than 80 are from the state that hosts it. This news-style production follows the top Hawaii athletes from start to finish.

  • Produced for: World Triathlon Corp.
  • Broadcast: KITV/ABC Hawaii - 12/1994

The Great Aloha Run (Sports) - 1990 Writer/Producer/Editor

With nearly 30,000 participants, this annual charity sports event is one of the five largest organized runs in the World! This music-driven production follows the runners through this scenic 8.2-mile course that travels between two of Oahu’s landmarks, Aloha Tower and Aloha Stadium. Highlights include behind-the-scenes vignettes and an unforgettable winning sprint to the finish line.

  • Produced/Broadcast: KITV/ABC Hawaii - 2/1990
  • Nominee: Northern California Area Emmy Award - Sports Special

The Budlight Tinman Triathlon (Sports) - 1989/1990/1991 Writer/Producer/Editor

Eight cameras capture more than a thousand elite and age-group competitors through this annual swim, bike, and run event. The first year, segments were shot “live on tape”, in order to be assembled and broadcast later the same day. The following two years, shows were hosted from a studio set with edited voice-over event segments rolled-in and broadcast a week later.

  • Produced/Broadcast: KITV/ABC Hawaii - 7/1989 to 7/1991

Backstage at the Merrie Monarch Festival (Arts) - 1990/1991 Photographer/Producer/Editor

A three-day celebration of Hawaiian culture and dance, the best hula dancers throughout the Pacific perform in this competition that is broadcast live during prime time! “Backstage” precedes this event, featuring profiles of prominent dancers as well as interviews with dance instructors and event judges.

  • Produced/Broadcast: KITV/ABC Hawaii - 4/1990-1991

As Time Goes By/Coupons & Curfews (History) - 1988/1989 Photographer/Editor

Two documentaries that look back at the effects that World War II had on the then American Territory of Hawaii. Both programs feature rare black-and-white photographs and color 16mm film shot in the islands during the mid-1940’s. Senior news reporter Paul Udell speaks with survivors and their families for first hand accounts of these fearful times.

  • Produced/Broadcast: KITV/ABC Hawaii - 11/1988 & 5/1989

Dan Cooke Needs Help (Comedy Special) - 1988 Photographer/Producer/Editor

A news feature reporter needs to see a psychiatrist because of a series of strange mental problems he’s developed on the job! That’s the premise of this comedy special that highlights these “Best of” previously aired, light-hearted, personality-driven news features.

  • Produced/Broadcast: KITV/ABC Hawaii - 9/1988

Volcano (News Documentary) - 1987 Photographer/Editor

A news documentary that captures the effects of an encroaching lava flow has on a small neighborhood on the Big Island of Hawaii. Includes a memorable scene where one of the homes is completely encircled by the molten stone…and then suddenly stops advancing. But a few days later, the homeowner’s brief hopes are shattered, as his house and others are consumed by the red liquid rock.

  • Produced/Broadcast: KITV/ABC Hawaii - 1/1987