Work Experience

Media & Event Production Services/Proprietor - Noldermedia May 1999 - Present

Video & Event Producer - Jack Morton Worldwide/San Francisco March 1995 to May 1999

Initially producing video segments and then media intensive events for many of Silicon Valley's biggest and brightest companies. Duties involved designing, budgeting, staffing, and managing the execution of dozens of product launches, satellite broadcasts, conferences and related media elements for the one of the oldest and largest corporate production companies.

Promotion & Marketing Director - Interactive Network/San Jose June 1994 to March 1995

Early interactive TV technology that allowed users of a hand-held device to play along with television programming in real-time...primarily game shows and sports programming. I managed/created ads and promotions that would air on the device's LCD screen. Hired with other broadcast talent as the start-up was trying to launch its service nationwide, but the emergence of the Web, browsers and high speed modems led to the eventual demise of the company.

Promotion & Marketing Director - KITV/ABC - Honolulu, HI January 1991 to April 1994

Managed a three-person staff responsible for the marketing of the station and all of its programming. Included the creation of thousands of on-air commercials, radio spots, print ads and outdoor advertising elements. Involved in a major image rebranding of the station and its news department, as well as building one the first desktop publishing systems to assist in print and video production.

Local Programming Producer/Editor - KITV/ABC -Honolulu, HI January 1987 to February 1995

While holding various positions at KITV, I was also involved with the production of local programming and specials. Beginning with shooting and editing, and then it evolved into fully producing them...news, history, sports, travel, cultural programming...even comedy.

Video Camera Operator/Video Editor - KITV/ABC - Honolulu, HI March 1983 to December 1990

Began in the studio; camera operation, lighting, graphics production, and then moved into the news department as a photojournalist and video editor.



BA - Broadcast Communications - University of Hawaii - Manoa 1979 to 1983

During my studies, I was also a DJ at the campus radio station, KYUH-FM, and minored in the German language.